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To Find Out If This Space Age Technology That Is Revolutionizing Back Treatment Is For You… Read On…
Are you’re still wondering if Spinal Decompression can help end your back pain? Read what our patients are saying about the
treatment they have received on the DRX 9000

When I started my pain level was a 10+ upon waking up in the morning with a pain level of about 6-7 during the day. I now wake up in the morning with a pain level of 2-3 and after being up for about 30 minutes and through the day my pain level is 0-1.

The staff and Doctor are excellent and helpful. The attitude in the office is very upbeat and cheerful. I feel that I have a 90% improvement after treatments with Dr. Hodges and the DRX-9000 Machine.

Name: Tony K. Edgewater, MD

When I first visited Dr. Hodges I could not even sit comfortably in or drive a car without pain in my lower back, buttocks and hip. Now I can. I am almost 90 % improved and know that for the rest of my life I will need to extend her treatment by continuing to stretch and work on relaxing my muscles. I can now live pain free without the need for surgery or other “iffy” procedures.

I highly recommend the DRX 9000 machine and the subsequent maintenance treatment that I am receiving. The pain is greatly diminished and I can do most of the things I love to do.

Name: Pat C.  Annapolis, MD

I honestly never thought I’d walk again when a friend recommended Maryland Disc Institute. I’m so glad she did because I have my life back now. Words cannot express how grateful I am! Thank you!!

Name: N. Davis Annapolis, MD

I have had back problems for 30 years. I have done everything except have surgery. I came here as a last chance. I can now get out of bed without pain, take daily walks and bend over to pick things up. I thank Dr. Hodges and her staff. Everyone was very kind and helpful.

Name: A. Long Davidsonville, MD

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Dr. Kathryn Hodges and Maryland Disc Institute located in Annapolis, FL offers many treatments for chronic pain.

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Our 3D Patient Education Center will help educate you on the causes of neck and back pain. It also offers 3D animation of the human spine and procedures available to you to reduce or alleviate your pain.